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The Dark Is Rising Slash Fanfiction and Fanart

Join... You Know You Want To.

The Dark Is Rising Slash
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This is a community dedicated to 'The Dark Is Rising' Book Slash. Any pairing is accepted as long as there is a slash pairing. If by some odd twist of fate you have ended up here and don't know what 'slash' is here is a rough definition:

Slash: A sexual/Emotional relationship between two members of the same sex; A Homosexual Relationship.

If this bothers you, don't waste your time joining.


1. MOVIE RELATED WORKS ARE NOT ALLOWED! By majority vote, it's been decided that movie!verse fanworks will not be allowed here. In a few months, they'll be another poll deciding if we should change this but until then - No Movie!

2. No Flaming because you A) Hate Slash B)Don't like a certain user C) Don't like a pairing or D) Don't like the story or art.

3. Try to use good grammer and spelling. Use spell check or if you are unsure of the spelling of a word use (SP?) after the questionable word and people will be glad to help.

4. PLEASE do not use 'Web-speech'.


This is not cool. It's annoying.

5. All posts MUST be DIR Related. A few sentences may be off topic but only if the majority is on topic.

6. Post Title, Rating, Pairing, Author/Artist, Warnings(Rape, incest, Fluff, ect) and Disclaimer on all works. If it's for a challenge, name which one.

7. OCs are allowed but only as long as they are not 'Mary Sues' or 'Grey Stues'. No one is perfect and OCs are not a exception.

If you break any of this rules more than 3 times, you will be banned.

Now that that unhappiness is gone...

This community is meant to be fun. Talk about your favorite characters, your favorite book of the DIR sequence, even your favorite fic/pic! (Because Everyone loves feedback! ^.~)

Disclaimer: (Yes, I must do one too) No one in this community owns 'The Dark Is Rising'. No profit is made by any of the members off of these books/Characters. They belong to Susan Cooper.